To her

5 jun

I wanted to know you, know your likes, your thoughts. I wanted to know how your voice sounds far from a microphone. I wanted to seat in a bar with you, drink green tea, or lemonade, I don’t care. I wanted to know what perfume you have, the weight of your hands, that sobriety of your feet. I wanted to laugh at you, watch you saying something stupid, being shy and retaking what you’re saying it after that. I wanted to ban your cigarettes with the eyes and this smoke that come to me, although you did nothing about it.

I wanted to know your friends, call them as you call. I wanted to be in the car with you, laughing at your insanity while putting the head out the window, screaming out like a crazy. I wanted to hear you and your guitar in the living room, singing, creating, imagining, laughing, being you, just that. I wanted to go to your favorite restaurants, eat what you like most and show you what I like too. I wanted to make you try my world, even if per a few seconds, I wouldn’t care if you didn’t like it, because you was there and that’s enough to me.

I wanted all this very much, but what I wanted the most is seeing that, even with all these things, you are a normal person, who cries, laughs, eats, has fun, gets sick and loses mind every so often. I wanted to see how much you’re regular, as you are identical to anyone, and, finally, fall for you, because even when you’re nothing special, you awake all these wills on me.

Uma resposta para “To her”

  1. Ana junho 5, 2007 às 4:01 pm #

    Ufa, li!
    Nossa, Erika, que loucura, né menina?! rs

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